Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strie Faux Finish

Strie is a French, meaning striate or stripe. Therefore this is a technique of combing or dragging a dry brush though faux glaze so there is an appearance of streaking. This finish can be applied to walls, doors, furniture, paneling and other various surfaces. Strie finishes can be layered so that there are multiple layers for the appearance of depth.

Materials Needed

Base coat of quality paint

Paint Roller and sleeve

Drop cloths

Painters blue tape

Faux glaze (darker than the base coat)

Small 1 gal buckets

Strie brush (wall paper brush or specific strie brush)

Paint brush

Tints for glaze

Painting Base Coat

Normal preperation for painting is preformed, such as fixing drywall nail pops etc. Then you apply the base coat with roller and brush which is usually a semigloss finish or if you are using a specific faux product for your Stie Finish use the appropriate base coat called for by the manufacturer. Cut in your coners and roll out the walls, making sure two coats are applied and allowing proper drying time between coats.

Glazing the Strie Faux Finish

Mix you glazing material well according to manufacturer specification in one of the buckets. Using a small paint roller apply the glazing mixture to the surface working up and down in a vertical strip about 6 inches wide. Before the glaze dries drag the Strie brush through the glaze in one long straight smooth stroke with light pressure. For perfectly straight strokes you may set up a guide made of thin strips of wood taped to the wall , keep moving it accross as you go. Continue working around the room applying your strie finish and slightly overlapping adjacent sections to provide a seamless appearance before it dries.

That is all there is to it! Multiple colors and multiple layeys can add beautiful visual depth to you final Strie Faux Finish.

Faux products can be found everywhere, I will be listing a number of the best products out on the market that I have used in the past, so keep a close eye out!

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