Friday, April 4, 2008

Popular Faux Painting Finishes

Faux Painting is the art of false painting that resembles real world surfaces. There are many different Faux Painting Finishes that can turn your every day normal surface into a real piece of art work. I am going to try and cover the most highly sought after popular Faux Painting Finishes. These finishes can be found in restaurants, museums or in residential homes of every kind around the world.

Faux Glazing

This would include Ragging, Stippling, Rag Rolling, Colorwashing, Ragging Off, Striping, Sponging on, and Sponging off. Almost any type of material can be used with glazing to produce all different kinds of daramatic and unique looks.

Faux Marbeling

This is a finish applied to many different surfaces to have the appearance of marble. the effect is so realistic that you cannot tell it is paint when done properly. This can be used on walls, mantles, molding, stairs, cabinets and just about any surface you can think of.

Faux Wood Graining

Faux wood graining like marbleing can seem so realistic you can not tell it is just paint. This also can be applied to many surfaces and can resemble almost any exotic wood on the market.

Tuscany Faux Finishes

This is an old world italian finish that is dramatically beautiful. The Tuscan decorating palette includes earthy more natural colors such as reds, browns, yellows, light blues and greens. Stone floors compliment this fish nicely especially terra cotta. This finish can be done with glazes or texured materials as well, textured materials being mor realistic of an old italian wall.

Venitian Plaster

Venitian plaster is an old world italian finish that is compromised of thin layers of plaster applied with a trowel. The plaster is then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illussion of depth

Faux Leather

This finish has a leather texture and usually has a glaze finish to give it a leather appearance. A very bold but beautiful finish.


This has a really beautifull look that trully looks like crackled paint, and can be used on many types of surfaces including furniture.

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