Sunday, September 14, 2008

Faux Painting Business Insurance

Faux Painting business insurance is very important to have if you want to run a successful business. Without business insurance you run the risk of having to pay for any damages that can occur on a jobsite that you or someone else may cause to happen. There are generally two types of insurance you can get for your faux painting business - General Liability insurance, and Workman's compensation insurance Also, any employees that get injured can file a lawsuit against you making you responsible for any medical bills and other liabilities. Some states can charge you with an indictable felony as well for not having workman's compensation insurance. Besides protecting yourself and any employees you will be comforting your prospective clients in knowing that you are professional and everything will be safely covered increasing your chance of getting the project.

General liability insurance coverage for your Faux Painting business will cover most accidents that may cause damage on the job. You may choose the amount of coverage which will cause the premium to go up or down. If you are working more commercial projects you may want to increase your coverage. There may be increases in the premium if you are working very high in the air as well. You will need to go over the actual coverage with your insurance agent and let them assess what you may need. General liability insurance will cover for some injuries but usually they are restricted and only certain small amounts are covered and will not cover any lost wages. The cost for general liability is very minimal and may run from 400 dollars a year to 1500 a year for your premium depending upon where you live and what type of coverage you will be needing, payments may be split up throughout the year.

Workman's compensation insurance for your faux painting business is for the protection of yourself and your employees. Some states will allow for coverage of yourself, but all require your employees be covered. Without workman's compensation insurance you run the risk of being sued by any employee that gets injured for medical bills and lost wages. You may also go to prison if you do not have workman's compensation insurance coverage and an employee does get hurt, some states consider this to be an indictable felony offense. Workman's compensation insurance premiums are determined by how many employees you have and what your payroll will be for the year. An estimated amount is stated and you will receive a premium which will be adjusted at the end of the year once your insurance company audits your payroll. Minimum premiums begin at 1,500 dollars a year and upwards.

Professionally it is very important to your faux painting business that you carry business insurance. You, your clients and your employees will work together much better knowing that if something did go wrong it will all be ok. So, make sure you look into getting the appropriate Insurance Coverage you need by asking an insurance broker or agent.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Faux Painting Business Marketing

Faux Painting business marketing is very tough in a competitive market but a neccessary one if your starting a faux painting business. One major key player in your marketing strategy is that you must have some satisfied customers, meaning you must do good work. Enough so that your customers think you’re the best and would hire you again. Good work will not be enough as a faux painting business marketing plan, however. There are other key elements for your Faux painting business marketing plan that you will need to implement.

Faux Painting Business Marketing Plan 1 – Create a Sample Portfolio

Faux painting is an art and you do need to make a portfolio of finishes that will show what you can do. This tool will be used for clients as well as any Interior Decorators you plan on approaching. In the portfolio you will have finishes on sample boards, like the faux crackle finish techniques, any color washing techniques, Old word Parchment Faux Finishes, any textured finishes. This tool will prove very invaluable to your faux painting business marketing strategies. Dick Blick has some Prat Start 1 Portfolio.

Faux Painting Business Marketing Plan 2 - A Letter explaining your business and finishes and service offered.

This letter will be used to promote your faux painting business to interior decorators, architecture firms and more.

Faux Painting Business Marketing Plan 3- Interior Decorating FirmsYou will need to get that letter to as many Decorating Firms as possible for they can provide you with clients to work with. Generally, interior decorators will expect 15 to 20 percent of your cost to the client. This is a small price to pay in having a decorator to keep you busy working.

Faux Painting Business Marketing Plan 4 – Advertising

Here is where you will need to know what your budget is. There are many avenues of advertising. Advertising can be done in News Papers, websites pertaining to decorative painting, magazines and the list goes on. You may need to do some research here.

Faux Painting Business Marketing Plan 5 – Business cards

Good luck in your faux painting business marketing plan!

Business cards can be made up on a computer if you have one or you can order them from most print shops. This is another very valuable tool. You will need to pass these out regularly to every one that presents an opportunity to do so.