Saturday, May 17, 2008

Color Washing Techniques

Faux Painting For Dummies

Brings to you: Color Washing Techniques
By Jeremy Berger

Color Washing has to be the most popular faux painting technique that most folks like to do on their walls. Consisting of a base coat then a second coat that is a mixture of another color and glaze, this faux painting technique allows the base coat to show through softening the base coat.

Color washing is an easy faux painting technique that most folks at home can achieve in a weekend. Different visual effects can be achieved depending on the material used to apply the glaze such as cheese cloths, sponges, brushes, and cotton rags.

Color Washing Technique

Basically you will get your base coat applied and let it dry. While the base coat dries you can prepare your second color which will be a mixture of 4 parts glaze mixed to 1 part paint. All you need to do is apply the second color mixture on the base coat with a circular motion (washing the wall) with whatever it will be that you choose to apply it with. The cheese cloth will provide the best subtle look and sponges will provide a bit more of a textured look. You may even apply another coat using a different color and or different type of rag or sponge if you would like to add more depth and character to this faux painting technique. Applying a clear coat finish over top of the final coat will add some protection if you desire that or the finish is in an area where you may need to wipe the wall off often. See other faux painting for dummies techniques by visiting the lables.

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